… to contribute to the evolution of consciousness, we are pleased to offer Wisdom from the Medicine Wheel.

This series of wisdom letters from WindEagle and RainbowHawk of Ehama Institute will teach you how to:

  • deepen your relationship with the ‘all potential’ within you
  • still your mind and come to presence
  • build strong emotional stability
  • maintain a strong sense of your sacred identity
  • open the understanding of the wisdom and harmony within the body
  • call in and manifest your dreams
  • live in harmony with the universe
  • source energy and confidence

Where Have We Come From?
Looking back on the last few years we could say it has been a challenging time for the planet with significant earth changes, a time of challenge for us personally in our relationships and certainly our economy.

Yet it can be seen that the challenges we have experienced are shaking our old structures on every level in order to clear the way…to make the way open for the new.

Looking at where we are now, as humanity, we can see that there is a rising up in many places, where the people are saying we need to be heard, where the feeling of unity and solidarity is growing and our opportunity to act as a collective is coming more and more to the forefront of our thoughts. We see and hear examples of this every day.

Where Are We Headed?
So where are we headed? How do we step forward? What are we being called to? Individually and collectively these questions open the door to what we can become and what we can experience.

It is as if the portal to the future has opened just enough for us to see the potential we hold: the magnificence of the human spirit, the potential and possibility of higher manifestation and the balance of being and becoming for each of us and as a species on this planet.

It is a time of new opportunity for each of us to step into our spirit nature, into our true identity, and to stand for the values and the way of being that we dream of. We have the support now, right now, to shift, to jump, to leap across the chasm into the life we want to live. And we can do this collectively.

This time of our evolution is calling us to a different opening to our collective sense of reality. It is a time when the conditioned lenses of our consciousness are falling away and opening the harmony between our left and right hemispheres into a new era.

A Spiritual Perspective
Speaking on a spiritual level, we see the void of potential that we each have access to …we see the innate nature of the spirit in each of us, and how this spirit consciousness is on the rise. We see it is glorious… bright, amazing and so incredibly brilliant and beautiful in its nature.

We are pure light, and the density that has been surrounding us is beginning to thin…. And the realm of spirit, of higher consciousness and the awakening of our remembrance of who we truly are is coming now into being. We are waking up… individually, together… we are waking up and facing the glory of what it is to be an eternal being on this planet…here to usher in this new time…

How To Get There
The Wisdom from the Medicine Wheel is a series of wisdom letters that comprise videos, audios, teaching material, practices and contemplations, and online community.

Over 2 years you will receive 2 wisdom letters a month which will bring clear steps of practices to deepen aspects of our consciousness from each of the eight perspectives of the medicine wheel. These practices will include specific activities that will focus on the growing consciousness of our spirit, body, emotion and mind.

The source of this way of seeing and working is emerging from the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, an ancient body of wisdom passed down orally from the Mayan and pre Mayan tradition held in a bundle of four lodges.

The Red Lodge holds the teachings of self-knowledge, the Black Lodge holds teachings of how to understand, use, read and shift energy and is shared in four masteries, the White Lodge which is the teaching lodge and the Gold Lodge which is the lodge of manifestation.

Drawing from each of these lodges, these teaching letters will open the deeper understanding of the manifestation of our consciousness along with new insights into our reality.

With our sincere joy and blessings to each of you, we look forward to journeying together.

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