WindEagle and RainbowHawk, directors of Ehama Institute, a worldwide training organization, carry an ancient body of Self Knowledge and EarthWisdom Teachings, which evolved from the indigenous cultures of the Americas.

This enduring wisdom offers a framework for meeting today’s ever increasing global challenges. The recent earthquakes, tsunamis, severe weather events and worldwide social unrest are powerful reminders that many of humanity’s old structures are crumbling and new ways are emerging.

In 1995, WindEagle and RainbowHawk founded Ehama Institute—a not-for-profit teaching center located in Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA. They have worked with individuals, training groups, organizations and communities throughout the world for over two decades. Companies include Lucent Technologies, Mattel, U.S. Air Force, World Business Academy, Findhorn, W.F. Smith, Mercedes Benz, Deutsch Bank and BMW.

In 2003, Heart Seeds, a message from the ancestors, was published in which WindEagle and RainbowHawk recount the ancient oral stories of remembrance and share the relevance of these “heart seeds” for both the present time and our collective future.

In 2007, the World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace, a Global Expression of Ehama Institute, was formed to create a world-wise People’s Movement of the First Peace. This People’s Movement is based on Eight Universal Principles and Practices of Peace, which calls for the coming together of many traditions, cultures and ages with the intent of celebrating our unique ways of creating peace in the self.

In 2008, WindEagle and RainbowHawk published The First Peace Circle Handbook: A Guide to Creating a First Peace Circle to support those people who gather others to form peace circles around the world. It is now being translated into many languages.

In 2011, the Evocative Leadership Mastery Program is being offered to experienced leaders and visionaries as an integrated leadership framework designed to harness the power of higher consciousness to meet the increasing global challenges. New structures and processes that serve all people and the earth are needed now. This program is open to all dedicated professionals who wish to play their part in co-creating a new evolving world culture by employing enduring wisdom to these global challenges.