What You Will Learn

The series comprises 48 ‘wisdom letters’ sent out bi-monthly for 2 years.
Each of the 8 directions of the medicine wheel will be explored and opened up in 6 wisdom letters over 3 months.


Each wisdom letter will include video, teaching material, practices and contemplations.
The series will devote 3 months to each direction of the medicine wheel and here are the benefits you will receive:


You will learn to:
– deepen your relationship with the ‘all potential’ within you
– bring your creative power into all your relationships
– allow the spirit of wisdom to guide your daily activity


You will learn to:
– still the mind and come to presence
– create a calm center
– deepen your understanding of events in your life


You will learn how to:
– build your emotional stability strong
– transcend limiting thoughts
– bring forth life affirming response under pressure


You will learn to:
– deepen meaning and purpose in your life
– maintain a strong sense of sacred identity
– sharpen memory and recall


You will learn:
– to maintain health and well-being in the body
– to deepen your understanding of the wisdom and harmony within the body
– to balance and maintain all the territories of your life


You will learn how:
– thought, word and action shapes your life
– to call in and manifest your dreams
– to deepen your understanding of cause & effect


You will learn:
– how to make clear decisions
– how to discern and take right action
– how to live in harmony with the universe


You will learn:
– how to maintain vitality
– how to act from integrity
– how to source energy and confidence